This renovation was made possible by the Ontario Trillium Foundation

In 1969 a dedicated group of volunteers built the existing change rooms to provide a more professional “feel” to the German Canadian FC facility. These change rooms have had many teams pass through their doors and to this day are still considered the template for all other facilities. After over 40 years of use the time came to upgrade the change rooms and in collaboration with the German Canadian Club a generous grant was received from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. With this grant the GCFC is was able to substantially upgrade the existing irrigation system and the remainder of the money is being used to upgrade the change rooms.

Before construction could begin the GCFC and other dedicated volunteers spent many hours demolishing the existing interior of the change rooms. The ceiling was torn down, the existing concrete floor in the home and away change rooms was removed. Repairs were made to the existing block work and the entire wiring in the attic was refurbished. With all the demolition completed the contractor, Drexler's Design and Build, began work in mid January. The project completion is slated for April 20, 2011.

The scope of work to be done

  • New “Denz Armour” ceiling
  • New concrete floor c/w epoxy non slip finish
  • Showers floors and walls to be completely tiled
  • New shower fixtures
  • Bathroom floors tiled with non-slip tile.
  • New toilettes, urinals, sinks and fixtures
  • New lighting fixtures and switches
  • New furniture (benches) shelving and towel racks
  • New paint for all ceilings and walls
  • New entrance doors


    April 22nd 2011

    Benches are now continues daily.

    April 17th 2011

    Lots of work was completed in the referee, visitors, and home locker rooms. Showers were tiled and benches are now ready to be fastened!

    April 2nd & 3rd 2011

    On April 2/3 the next project of the renovation was carried out. On Saturday, our best turnout accomplished much. All walls and ceilings of the three dressing rooms were painted with the 1st coat. On Sunday, with only 5 painters, the second coat was done. Great job by all that helped. Thanks to everyone, including Andrea McNair for coordinating this project.

    Saturday Crew: Andrea McNair, Karen Stone, Wendy MacInnis, Jack Criel & Kay, Robert & Steve Kisby, Mary-Kay Klaus, Katherine Lomis, Thea Tzortzis, Michelle DeRuiter, Dr. Burkhard Spannenberg, Rene Gerrits

    Sunday Crew: Andrea McNair, Amy Palmer, Stephanie Schneider, Paul Schneider, Darrin Barrow

    March 29th 2011

    The shower has been roughed in and ready to be re-tiled.

    March 13th 2011

    Lots of positive progress is being made! Here are photo's of the Denz-Armour ceiling installed and “mud” application. Other photos are the showers with installed “strapping” for Denz-Armour” installation.

    February 19th 2011

    Concrete has been poured and both dressing rooms have a brand new floor. Work continues to progress in this exciting new initiative.

    Home dressing room

    Visiting dressing room

    Referee room

    January 2011

    Work is well underway to upgrade both the home and visitors changerooms.

    Home dressing room

    Visiting dressing room

    Check back for updates!