GCFC will be hosting it's seventh summer soccer camp again in 2019. This camp is open to children of all soccer clubs in London- to benefit and suppliment their club training program.


To be announced

In previous years, the summer soccer camp has filled to capacity so everyone is encouraged to register their child as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions about soccer camps (FAQs):

1. What does my child need to bring (ie. shin pads, sunscreen, lunch, snack...?)?
All players will need to wear shinpads and it is strongly recommended that they wear and bring extra sunscreen, a snack (or packed lunch if staying for the whole day) and plenty of water/fluids (our recommendation is that if you think your child will drink 2 bottle of water then pack 3. It is best to have too much water than not enough).

2. Does the camp offer before and after pick-up programs?
Not normally, please check with camp director.

3. What happens if it is raining/thunderstorming?
If it is raining, we will continue with camp activities. Unless it becomes a torrential downpour. In the even of thunderstorms, practices will be suspended and all campers will take shelter in the clubhouse until half an hour has passed since the last rumble of thunder was heard. Any time that is lost as a result of bad weather will be added on during the week.

4. Does my child need to bring a lunch?
Only those attending the full day camp (U8s).

5. Is this a 'daycamp' or for childminding? No. While these camps are fun in nature- this is not daycamp- this is soccer training for developmental/competitive teams or aspiring players and it is a priveledge for us to be able to use the German Club. We ask that all parents (and their children) respect that all of the other registrants. This camp is open to children of all clubs in London- to benefit and suppliment their club training program.

Pictures of previous soccer camps hosted by German Canadian FC: